• Materials that are hazardous to human beings, such as As, Fe, Mn, and NH4+-N are contained in groundwater.
    Therefore, to make the water drinkable, treatment of the water is required according to specified standards.

  • We confirm the nature of the concerns of customers who are concerned about hazardous materials in groundwater. After confirming the concern, Nagaoka provides solution such as CHEMILES for solving the concern.

  • Also, we lend pilot study device to customers who would like to achieve a result before installing CHEMILES product. After customers confirmed the removal results, we discuss the official proposal with them.

  • The number of pilot study devices is limited, so we prioritize lending to customers who decide to install CHEMILES. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Proof-of-concept devices 3 m × 3m × 2 to 4 m

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