AERSYS removes VOC (Volatile organic compounds) and FCD (Free carbon dioxide) in groundwater and surface water to the water quality standards, comfortableness of water quality and monitoring required by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

The water source for drinking water, such as groundwater and river water may contain harmful substances to human body, such as VOC and FCD. Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare already set up the water quality standards for these substances in drinking water. In conventional method, since huge equipment, vast energy, and large amount of chemicals are required, high-cost on construction, running and maintenance has been the problem. AERSYS, co-developed with Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau, is the innovative system to solve these problems, which can remove over 99% of harmful substances by using only air, packing materials, and activated carbon to provide safe and secure palatable water at low cost.




  • POINT1Saving Energy

    ●AERSYS requires blower air/water (A/W) ratio of only 20 to remove over 99% of contaminated substance. (able to remove contaminant under the standard level) (in case of VOC(TCE))

    ●Remove VOC or FCD to the target level in a single process.

    ●Maintain high treatment ability by circulating air inside of the column. (Less effect from outside air temperature.)

    ●Saving 60% electricity consumption from the conventional system. (From our research)

  • POINT2Saving Space

    No additional space for incidental equipment is required by reuse of clean air purified through activated carbon for aeration.

  • POINT3Simple Maintenance

    Simple maintenance by non-chemical treatment and automatic operation provides stable performance at low cost.

  • POINT4Environmentally Friendly

    No harmful effect on the surrounding environment by air circulation system which cleans the contaminated air and recycle the air inside of the treatment system without emission.


  • An extensive track record of deliveries is the result of customer’s confidence.

    “What does the customer really want” is a question that is always on our mind.
    We make all kinds of efforts to propose the most appropriate Nagaoka Screen system.
    The optimized and flexible design of Nagaoka Screen ensures the satisfaction of the customer’s requirements even under complicated site conditions.
    Nagaoka Screen is world-wide recognized technology that provides the customer with a low-cost, high-performance total water treatment system.

    • AERSYS

      S water purification plant
      in Kyoto

      Use: tap water

      Delivery date: March 2019