2017/02/16 Water purification Technology by "CHEMILES" was selected to JICA's "Feasibility Survey for Safe Water" Project in Thailand

On January 26, 2017, NAGAOKA's suggested project "Feasibility Survey for Safe Water in Provincial Area with Japanese Technology of Extremely High Speed Groundwater Treatment System ''CHEMILES'' without Use of Chemicals" was selected to JICA's "Support for Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Overseas Business Development ~feasibility survey" in Thailand.

Securing of sustainable water resources has been the priority matter in Thailand according to increase of water demand in local area year by year and drought problem occurred by the recent climate change. It is said that about 8,250,000 people are living without access to water supply facilities. Although groundwater is the important water resource in the area distant from rivers, it often includes harmful substances such as manganese, arsenic, etc.

CHEMILES is extremely high speed biological treatment system to remove iron, manganese, ammonia nitrogen, arsenic, etc. in groundwater without use of chemicals. More than 50 of CHEMILES have already been installed not only in Japan but also overseas countries. In Viet Nam, CHEMILES has been operated under JICA's verification survey for disseminating Japanese technologies to improve water quality. By utilizing experience in Viet Nam, the project in Thailand targets to purify groundwater by CHEMILES and to provide safe water. In cooperation with Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA), demands and issues for water in local area in Thailand will be surveyed and installation of pilot study units of CHEMILES will be implemented in a local water treatment plant to verify its advantages and effectiveness.


This JICA's "Support for Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Overseas Business Development ~feasibility survey" was started in 2012 to support overseas expansion by Japanese small and medium-sized companies. The primary factors of this program are to match the development needs of developing countries and Japanese excellent products and technologies and to support of information gathering and business planning to utilize ODA projects. This feasibility survey project was publicly offered in September, 2016 and 36 out of 150 projects were selected. The selected projects will be implemented sequentially after completion of contract.

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