Yasuhisa Umezu, President & CEO

Each and every effort for CUSTOMERS!

Nagaoka offers “Water” and “Energy” products in an environmentally-friendly manner.

In the field of “Water”, we provide effective ground water intake technologies and an innovative ground water treatment system, CHEMILES. CHEMILES removes harmful substances such as arsenic, iron, manganese, and ammonia nitrogen in groundwater by contact oxidation and biological treatment. Due to the unnecessity of chemical injection, CHEMILES is highly evaluated as an environmentally friendly system and is increasing its presence worldwide.

Additionally, in corporation with Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau, we developed AERSYS for removing VOC (volatile organic compound) and FCD (free carbon dioxide) contained in groundwater. The application model of AERSYS was recently awarded the first contract for soil pollution countermeasure aiming at benzene removal.

In the field of “Energy”, we provide screen internals, the most vital component in oil refinery and petrochemical plants. We are a certified supplier for leading process licensors and have experiences in supplying to over 65 countries worldwide.

On February 9th 2017, we announced downward revision to our consolidated financial results forecast for the year ended June 30, 2017 and reported the financial deficit for two consecutive years since our stock listing on JASDAQ market. We sincerely accept the result and will make all-out efforts to improve the situation.

As for water intake and treatment business, we will focus on promising markets and strengthen the sales structure. Regarding oil refinery and petrochemical business, we will correct the excess production capacity of both domestic and foreign factories to tackle the severe price competition. Concerning the financial affairs, we will establish an enhancement policy for fulfilling capital management to improve the situation.

Overall, Nagaoka will continuously strive to respond to all stakeholders’ expectation under the corporate philosophy “Each and every effort for CUSTOMERS!”.

Yasuhisa Umezu, President & CEO