November, 2004
After filing of protection under the Civil Rehabilitation Law in August, 2004, NAGAOKA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION was re-incorporated in Mihara-cho Osaka, Japan, with business rights transfer of manufacturing and sales of Screen Internals for Oil Refining & Petrochemical Industries (started in 1975), Screens for Water Intake (started in 1980) and Water Treatment System (“CHEMILES” started in 1997) from former “NAGAOKA”.
March, 2005
Relocated Head Office to Izumiotsu City, Osaka, Japan
April, 2005
Approved as a Specified Construction Contractor by Osaka Prefectural Governor. (Reg. No. 124081).
March. 2006
Constructed a new factory in Kaizuka City, Japan. ISO9001:2000 certification approved.
February, 2011
Established Nagaoka Water Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (Wholly owned by NAGAOKA) in Shenyang-City, China
April, 2012
Established Nagaoka Hitachi Zosen Equipment (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (Affiliated Co. with our share of 55%) in Dalian City, China
September, 2012
Established NAGAOKA (SHENYANG) WATER EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. (Affiliated Co. with our share of 55%) in Shenyang-City, China
May, 2013
Established Nagaoka (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd. (Wholly owned by NAGAOKA) in Beijing, China
June, 2014
Started operation of “HiSIS” pilot plant in Arabian Gulf in U.A.E in collaboration with Hitachi Zosen Corp. under the cooperation by Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority.
July, 2014
Opened Research and Development Center in Kaizuka City, Osaka, Japan.
March, 2015
Selected as “Diversity 100 Companies 2015” by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
June, 2015
Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Market “JASDAQ“