NAGAOKA technologies assist and contribute to the production of “Water” and “Energy”

Live together with NAGAOKA technologies
  • Petrochemical Plant

    NAGAOKA manufactures one of the essential component “Internal” for oil refining & petrochemical process. The only approved supplier in Japan out of three in the world.

  • Farm/Livestock Farm

    Nagaoka’s screens for shallow well are applied for industrial and livestock purposes.

  • Food Processing/Linen Factory

    CHEMILES, a rapid biological filtration equipment, provides the optimum solution for customer’s needs.

  • Hospital/Commercial Area

    CHEMILES provides safe and reliable water by removing harmful substances from groundwater.

  • Water Intake facility
    Water Purification Plant

    Nagaoka holds 70% share in Japanese market of large scale screens for groundwater intake. CHEMILES is operated in water purification plants. Our technologies are highly valued not only in Japan, but also overseas.

  • Fish Farm

    Nagaoka screens are utilized to collect groundwater. CHEMILES filters the water and removes harmful substances to maintain a good water quality for fresh water fish. HiSIS is utilized for seawater fish farm.

  • Seawater Intake/Seawater Desalination Plant

    HiSIS collects clear seawater through sand stratum in seabed and sends it to desalination plants. The business opportunities are mainly overseas.

  • Houses

    Water collected by Nagaoka Screen are purified by CHEMILES and delivered to your house through waterworks system.




  • Screen Internals

    Screen Internals

    Screen Internals are the essential component for production of a wide range of petrochemicals such as plastic raw materials, gasoline and fertilizer materials in oil refining and petrochemical complex.
    Nagaoka is the only approved supplier in Japan among the three in the world, with experiences of supply to 65 countries with high market share.


  • Water Intake Technologies and Screens

    Water Intake Technologies and Screens

    Nagaoka provides water intake screens for groundwater for various purposes such as waterworks, industrial facilities, farming and fish farms.
    Nagaoka Water Intake Screens, as reliable technologies with experiences in over 1,000 large scale water intake projects in Japan.
    Our technology is acclaimed in the state level for its high performances and became one of the standards in “Guideline on Waterworks Design”.



    Extremely high speed biological groundwater treatment system, which treats groundwater to a potable water at low running cost by contact oxidation and bacteria without using chemicals.
    CHEMILES, a leading technology for safe and reliable water system received IWA-PIA Global Honor Award in 2010.
    CHEMILESS is highly valued for its economical and compact system in rapidly developing Asian countries, as well as developed countries such as USA.

  • HiSIS


    High-speed seawater intake system, by filtering water through seabed sand stratum. One pilot test has been completed in UAE and another is continuing in China. It has started to receive a recognition for its high cost performance, from its compact and economical features.
    Innovative technology HiSIS is now rising attention globally.
    HiSIS is ready to fulfill the growing demands for seawater desalination plants in countries and areas where the lack of river and ground water is a serious problem.

  • Others


    ENERLES is a water treatment system for dam water requiring no electric power nor chemicals, which reduces typical odor caused by the algae’s eutrophication and chemical dosage in purification plants.
    ENERLES water treatment system, won IWA Superior Achievement Award among all regions and categories in 2014.

    AERSYS removes VOC (Volatile organic compound) and FCD (Fee carbon dioxide) from ground and surface water to the water quality standards enforced by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare at very low cost.

Nagaoka’s Core Technology “Nagaoka Screen”

Nagaoka Screen is known for its outstanding designs and technologies, clog-prevention structure, high slot opening ratio, rigid and precise welding, and multi-variation of shapes and materials. Nagaoka has become one of the three approved internal suppliers in the world for a long term-supply of this reliable screen. Furthermore, Nagaoka Screen is also utilized in the groundwater intake field and has become a Japanese standard in the waterworks design. CHEMILES was developed to treat the groundwater collected by Nagaoka Screen. Winning IWA-PIA award in 3 successive competitions, shows the value of our water technologies. Nagaoka strive to deliver environmentally-friendly and practical solutions by combining Nagaoka Screen’s technology and new inventions.

The First-Ever Achievement of IWA-PIA award in 3 Consecutive Competitions.

    Global Honour Award and Winner of IWA-PIA 2010 in East Asia

    In 2010, CHEMILES received IWA-PIA “Global Honour Award” in Small Project Category for the technology and performance of biological ultra-high speed water infiltration system which is efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

  • NAGAOKA Water Intake Technology
    Globally Recognized with Global Honour Award by IWA

    NAGAOKA Water Intake Technology received Winner in East Asia Region, and Global Honour Award in global competition in Small Project Category of IWA-PIA 2012, for its optimum solution for water shortage by use of effective screens.

    Superior Achievement Award, and Winner in Small Project Category of IWA-PIA 2014 in both Global and East Asian competition

    In 2014, ENERLES received winner for Small Project Category of IWA-PIA in both global and regional competition. In addition, “Superior Achievement Award” is given as the best entrée among all regions and categories. ENERLES uses no chemicals nor electric power for operating water treatment system.
    IWA-PIA award for 3 successive competitions in 2010, 2012, 2014 is first ever achieved in the world.


IWA (International Water Association) is established in 1999 with the aim of safe and stable water supply globally through efficient water management and development of water treatment technologies. IWA is consisted of 8500 of professionals in the water field and 530 of companies and organizations related to water in 165 countries worldwide.
PIA (Project Innovation Award) is the program held every other year to award the innovative technologies. Professionals, research institutes, companies around the world apply for this program.