2017/05/31 Official start of Pilot Project of CHEMILES in Thailand

On May 30th, 2017, our company, together with Thailand Provincial Waterworks Association (PWA) and a water treatment plant under PWA conducted a kick-off meeting in order to execute a pilot study project of our CHEMILES. The implementation of this pilot project is based on the "Letter of Intent" which was concluded on April 5th, 2017 with PWA and Mitsui & Co. Plant Systems, Ltd.
This pilot study is under the framework of the JICA project "Feasibility Survey for Safe Water in Provincial Area with Japanese Technology of Extremely High Speed Groundwater Treatment System ''CHEMILES'' without Use of Chemicals" which was concluded on May 15th, 2017.
Throughout this kick-off meeting, the Survey has been officially started and it is expected that CHEMILES will be applied in Thailand.

【Background of the Survey】
Water demand in areas under supplied and managed by PWA has been increased double since 2005. However there are still approximately 8,250,000 citizens who are not covered by water supply system. Groundwater is an important water source for citizen, especially in the areas far from river. However, iron, manganese and arsenic in many groundwater sources are exceeded drinking water standard and are needed for suitable treatment system. In addition, almost water supply plants are at small scale. These small scale plants are normally lack of operator so simple operation and maintenance system is suitable and required for these plants.

Reference: (Press release) PWA News Release  URL:https://www.pwa.co.th/news/view/56686