[Global Communication Project by Japanese Government] Nagaoka International Corporation Was Interviewed on Water Treatment Technology “CHEMILES”(follow-up report)

In addition to the last announcement (dated on September 2 2020) with regards to the interview on Nagaoka water treatment technology “CHEMILES” for global communication project powered by Japanese government, Nagaoka International Corporation (“Nagaoka”) hereby announces that the video introducing CHEMILES is released.


Japanese government conducted interviews to the upper mid, small and middle enterprises (SMEs) with state of the art technology as to introduce the unique Japanese technologies and related policies through their global communication project. Nagaoka was interviewed on the water treatment technology “CHEMILES” and broadcasted by video as below.


< Japanese Government Global Communication Website >

*Note: CHEMILES is introduced in the article “Innovating Future Water Technology” and “Chemical-free Groundwater Purification”.


Nagaoka will continue to strive gaining recognition of our technology worldwide, and contributing to combat global water scarcity.