Adopted to more than 1,000 large water intake projects in Japan. Nagaoka Water Intake Technology is now Japanese Standard.

Nagaoka Screen has been used for various purposes.

Groundwater is generally considered as a water resource with high quality and stable temperature. For groundwater intake, large storage or water delivery facilities are not required. Groundwater is widely used for various purposes, such as domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and so on.
NAGAOKA PROFIRE WIRE SCREEN was developed from our own technology and has been contributed to design more efficient groundwater well. Nagaoka groundwater intake technologies were established from rich experiences and know-how in manufacturing screen internal for oil refineries and petrochemicals. Shallow well and infiltration galleries can produce great amount of water and rehabilitate the existing well. For deep well, screen slot can be designed to meet with geological conditions. Especially with high strength and wide opening, Ring Base Screen has been widely applied to artesian aquifer, making an effective and sustainable deep well intake.

NAGAOKA Technology as "Japanese Standard"

Adoption of NAGAOKA Technologies in Waterworks Design in Japan.
  • ■ “Water Well Management Manual-1999”
  • ■ “Guideline on Waterworks Design-2000”
  • ■ “Water Well Renovation and Rehabilitation Cases-2000”, etc.

With high open ratio and strength, “Ring-base screen” has high reliability in water intake screens.

Ring-base Screen

High Open Ratio

Nagaoka Screen has high open ratio and clog-prevention structure. It enables water intake efficiency about 10 times higher than other strainers, such as slit pipes. Free design of the slot size to suit each aquifer satisfies the market needs widely.

High strength

The strong structure and corrosion-resistance materials enable Nagaoka Screen to be installed in deep underground and endure in disasters such as earthquakes.

Sand Control Technology

“Sand control technology”, a know-how to control sand movements around screen, enables a stable water intake by allowing only “water” to come inside the well and preventing clogging.

Sand Control Technology

Groundwater intake facilities utilizing Nagaoka Screen
Due to the optimized design to each aquifer, its strong and long-lasting structure enables to intake groundwater stably.


It is used for water intake from unconfirmed aquifer (river-bed water and free water) in the shallow aquifer and enables stable water intake even at the drawdown in drought.

  • ●Effective water intake from all layers of aquifer.
  • ●Drawdown level is low, even at high water intake volume.
  • ●Allows high-pressure washing from inside
  • ●Opening area ratio: 30-50%
  • ●Water inflow velocity: Slow, less than 1.0cm/sec


In the case of rehabilitation of the old well dried out by clogging and requiring higher water intake efficiency, radial well can become the optimum solution.

Effect of enlarging well radius

  • ●Water intake volume: 3,000-20,000m3/day
  • ●Smaller head loss gives less drawdown in water level and provides efficient and stable water intake.
  • ●Effective water intake from all layers of aquifer even at drawdown of water level in draught condition
  • ●Opening ratio: 52%
  • ●Water inflow velocity: Slow, less than 1.0cm/sec


Infiltration galleries intake river-bed water and free groundwater from river-bed.

Infiltration galleries are capable of Large-capacity water intake

  • ●Water intake volume: 10,000-200,000m3/day
  • ●Smaller head loss gives less drawdown in water level and provides efficient and stable water intake.
  • ●Collection area: large
  • ●Opening ratio: 50%
  • ●Water inflow velocity: Slow, less than 1.0cm/sec
  • ●Light structure compering to reinforced concrete makes easy installation

NAGAOKA Technology is applied with rich experience, and supporting Japanese Water Projects!

NAGAOKA SCREENs were delivered to over 1,000 water intake projects in Japan, and through such long and rich experiences, applications were diversified to underground dam, infiltration galleries, river clean projects, water well collector and even to high speed seabed infiltration system. Integrating technologies of water intake and water treatment, NAGAOKA offers optimum solutions to various needs of customers.

Our Contribution to the World’s Water Intake/ Delivered NAGAOKA SCREEN to 37 Countries since 1980.
  • America
    : USA, Colombia

  • Africa
    : Algeria, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, etc.

  • Middle East
    : Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iran, Jordan, Quarter, etc.

  • Asia
    : China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, etc.
Business in China
  • ater Well Recovery Project

    ●Water Well Recovery Project
    Liaoning, Lingyuan City 2011

  • Infiltration Galleries

    ●Infiltration Galleries
    New Barag, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 2012

  • Deep Well Construction

    ●Deep Well Construction
    Suihua City 2012

Business in Korea
Purification Project for Industrialized Polluted River

●Purification Project for Industrially Polluted River
Seoul 2009

Business in U.S.A.
Shallow Well Construction

●Shallow Well Construction
St. Helens, Oregon 1995