2011/03/03 2011/02/24 Signed Contract for supply of CHEMILES (50,000M3/d) to China
NAGAOKA has concluded and signed Contract on Feb. 24th, 2011 for supply of CHEMILES with capacity of 50,000 m3 per day under high speed biological groundwater treatment system.
Chinese Waterworks Service Company, our contract partner, was to apply chemical injection for removal of iron, manganese etc. contained in groundwater. However, as the concentration is awfully high, chemical treatment need high cost for chlorine for oxidation, needs careful and complicated handling, and moreover, it likely forms carcinogens. This has led them to study for chemical-free treatment.

During their course of study about treatment method, NAGAOKA Technology was introduced by IWA-PIA as winner for innovative technology of biological treatment for removal of high concentration iron and manganese without chlorine injection.

CHEMILES backed by NAGAOKA Technology is studied by them in detail, and as it offers low cost chemical-free treatment, they have decided to adopt our technology.

This success is the important step to NAGAOKA to proceed Water Business in China, and taking this opportunity, we expect to expand our activities in China.